Farm On Wheels is a social enterprise that provides small holder rural farmers with proven interventions such as quality seeds, fertilizer, insecticide and herbicides which is distributed directly to their communities and at the same time, we train them on modern farm practices and proper application methods. We also provide them with credit facility and facilitate market linkage..

About our customers

Our customers are segmented into 2 levels in the agricultural value chain. The production level and the processing or value addition level.

Our customers on the production level are the small holder rural farmers, we address their need by supplying them quality farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and other inputs directly to their communities, give them access to credit facility, train them on modern farm practices and proper application method.

Our customers on the value addition level are the small/mediun agro processing companies who go through tedious process of sourcing these farm produce and encounter lots of bottle neck due to middle men, lack of access to these rural farmers and logistics. We meet their need by providing access to farm produce without the bottle necks they are used to. also help them with storage facility for the produce they want to store for later use.


Be the foremost Name in the agricultural sector bringing the small holder rural farmers first


To enable small holder rural farmers to build their capacity, increase production and yield, reduce cost of production and maximize profit

Jocelyne Agbo

Project director and distribution channel expert

Jocelyne is a social entrepreneur who has with over 6 years experience as a skills acquisition facilitator, distribution channel expert and value chain addition strategist. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow, a Tony Elumelu alumni, and a D-prize award winner.  She did a business and entrepreneurship study at University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA, has also gone through several entrepreneurship training courses with African Management institute(AMI), Kenya business school and Buccioni university Milan, Italy.

Stanley Arinze
Finance and distribution

Stanley Arinze has a total 12 years experience in distribution and finance. He has a 5 years experience working with Road Work West Africa Ltd as the team leader and field supervisor on electrical system design and implementation. He also has a 6 years experience on financing in the banking sector.  He has the passion to provide world class solutions that would facilitate the accomplishment of our organization’s Corporate and social impact goals.

Asumpta Anosilke
Chief operations Officer

Assumpta anosike is an agroprenuer with over 6 years of experience on value chain agriculture. She is an agricultural extension officer expert, an alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI)  and has undergone several training program under African Management Institiute (AMI) Kenya business school ,Enterprise development center (EDC) and Adansonia Entreprenuship course-Buccioni university Milan.