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Project 100

Project 100

Project 100 is a 10 years goal of farm On Wheels which was lunched on the first of August  This project is geared to empower 100,000 smallholder rural farmers to become agri-prenures and financially independent to enable them lift themselves above the poverty line. This project will prioritize women, be very inclusive giving ample opportunities to youths, rural farmers and people with disabilities, (mostly the underserved). This project is not only for food production, but also for value addition, easy and direct access to storage, services and market.

Project 100 has 3 major focus areas which includes:

Smart Agric which aims to get youths in the urban, peri-urban and rural areas to be interested in Agriculture making it innovative, revenue generating and a sustainable business.

Milestones and deliverables:

–              70,000 youths involved in agriculture

–              Create 210,000 jobs

Women in Agriculture which aims to  build women capacity in value chain agriculture from production, processing, packaging and marketing.

Milestones and deliverables:

–              60,000 women to be gainfully engaged in agriculture.

–              Women to readily have access to land for cultivation

–              Build financial capacity to run their agribusiness

Value Chain Agriculture will aim to work with micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSME) in adding value to harvested farm produce.

Milestones and deliverables:

–              Create sustainable demand and supply chain between the farmers (producers) and MSMEs (processors).

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